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SBOE-10: Another Farney Mailer. Russell Compared to Obama. Plus Some Gay-Bashing.

April 9, 2010

This run-off is getting wackier every day. I opened the mailbox while ago and found another mailer from Texas SBOE 10th District GOP candidate Marsha Farney. This is the third I’ve received this week.

This repeats some of the points from earlier mailers. She reminds GOP primary voters she contributed money to GOP candidates but her opponent didn’t. She also takes another dig at him for not sending his own kids to public schools. That point resonates a lot stronger with me than which candidates she’s backed.

This mailer also includes an ominous red warning box. It warns that future robocalls on Russell’s behalf may try to paint her as a RINO. She even quotes Russell saying that he’s never said as much. We’ll see if Joe Plojman still calls using his PAC money to tout Russell as the only real pro-lifer in the race like he did in the primary.

The other side is interesting. Farney likens Russell to President Obama.

This time, though, Farney tries to trump Russell on the supposed “family values”issue by claiming “Russell supports judicial candidates who voted to legalize homosexual conduct.” Maybe Farney hasn’t heard about Lawrence v. Texas yet. Then again, she’s the one with teaching experience and Russell is the one with legal experience. Something tells me Russell will object to this particular characterization of his record.

At least we now know just what Farney means by “traditional family values.”

Then she assails Russell for lacking a moral compass and keeping secrets. I think those two should go together. You wouldn’t want anyone to know you lack a moral compass, would ya? Nahhhh. Especially after accusing them of being too cozy with the “gay agenda.”

Finally, Farney accuses Russell of fiscal recklessness and using a “defeated candidate” to make robocalls on his behalf. She sums it all up with yet another comparison to Obama via Alan Sager. Who needs “Obama-style intimidation tactics” when you can find so much mud to sling.

I’m so glad her campaign is setting such a fine example to our school children about civil discourse and party politics.

Oh yes, one more thing. She also revisited the Facebook “approval” Russell gave when Tony McDonald of Young Conservatives of Texas came to Russell’s defense. McDonald wrote “that it is nearly tantamount to child abuse to put one’s kids in one of these institutions nowadays” and suggested that Russell was better qualified because he’d taken his kids out of the system (wtf??). Read the comments on that link for some questions I had for McDonald after he suggested he’d been attacked by TFN.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I voted in the GOP primary and, thus, am eligible to vote in this run-off. I was prepared to vote for Farney until I got this particular mailer even though I had reservations about the increased frequency from both candidates of things like abortion, “traditional family values,” and other issues I wish the SBOE would leave alone. I suggested in the previous headline that Farney was also a Religious Right candidate and she’s increasingly proving it. I realize she has to run way to the right to get into the general election in November but this is getting to be very off-putting.

I’m really tempted to sit out the run-off but the idea of a home-schooler — particularly one with the views Russell has expressed about public education — being one more election closer to sitting on the SBOE is very unappealing. But it’s also unappealing to give the same shot to a gay-bashing mud-slinger.

I agree that Texas school children don’t deserve Brian Russell. After reading this latest mailer, I’m thinking they really deserve a lot better than Marsha Farney, too.

UPDATE: How did I miss the part on the front part of the mailer about being a “strong supporter of the Sanctity of Marriage Act”? What the hell does that have to do with SBOE matters? How does that qualify Farney? That’s the nail in the fucking coffin. I won’t bother to vote in the run-off since there’s no substantive difference between a kook who home-schools and a kook who doesn’t.  I’m going to vote for Judy Jennings, the Democrat in the SBOE-10 race, in November.

UPDATE 2: I’m not the only one unimpressed by the turn of events in this run-off. From Farney’s Facebook wall comments:

One still for, one turned against. Can you win a run-off like that? Can you win in November like this?

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