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Where are my robocalls?

April 12, 2010

Gosh, here it is Sunday night before the SBOE 10th District GOP run-off and to date I’ve received one call — from Marsha Farney (has it been two or three weeks ago before early voting started?). Maybe tomorrow Joe Pojman’s call will come in. After all, Farney’s last mailer said that I should beware of last minute calls trying to scare me from voting for her… as if her increasingly alarming mailers didn’t do a good enough job of that by painting her way to the right of a candidate I considered way outside the mainstream.

One of the GOP precinct chairmen has been putting messages on Farney’s Facebook page throughout the weekend, and all of them appear to be without any reply from Farney. In the most recent, he comes right out and suggests former Travis County GOP chairman Alan Sager is behind her mudslinging, bringing up old tales of party in-fighting.

Whatever she’s done, she’s put herself into a box and it would be ironic if Sager — who was deemed much more moderate than some of the precinct chairs (especially mine at that time) — was behind getting Farney to move right. If Farney spent enough to overcome the grassroots support of Russell, how will she be able to win them over after demonizing him in the manner she did, hold onto her own base, and run as a sensible-enough candidate to appeal to moderates and independents after trying so hard to one-up her far Right cred against the far, far Right candidate who had the endorsement of far, far, far Right outgoing incumbent Cynthia Dunbar?

I should have more about this race for tomorrow, even if I don’t get any scary calls from the pro-life organizations. But if I do get some of those calls, they’ll be posted to my youtube account ASAP.

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