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w00t! sboe robocalls!

April 13, 2010

I got robocalls on behalf of both SBOE-10 candidates within an hour of each other. First up, former Lt Gov Bill Ratliff on behalf of Marsha Farney:

Now, I’d be voting tomorrow if Farney had stuck with this kind of message and used this tone in her mailers.

And next up it’s Davida Stike of Texas Alliance for Life PAC (hey, where’s Joe Pojman when ya need’em?) called for Brian Russell, personally vouching for him despite the false attacks on him. How reassuring…

The interesting thing is the amount of difference between these two calls. One has a former state senator and former Lt Gov, the other has a pro-life activist calling under the auspices of the pro-life PAC. One talks about the importance of experience and qualifications, the other is about pro-life endorsement and a decade-long personal relationship. One talks about dedication to the system by participating in it, the other is silent about that.

I wish Farney hadn’t sent those mailers. I want to believe she’s different from her opponent because I really don’t trust Brian Russell. From the fact that he opted his own kids out of the system that he now seeks to run to his backers being outside the mainstream to his robocalls touting things that don’t seem to have anything to do with the business of the state board of education but, rather, have a lot to do with what’s gotten the SBOE off-track the past few years.

Alas, Farney did send out mailers that tried to out-flank Russell on the right. I can’t trust her once she’s done that, because either she really is as far out as Russell is or she’s disingenuous and will do anything to get votes. I still don’t think I’m voting tomorrow.

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